Braille Keys jQuery Pluggin

This tool allows you to use any regular keyboard as a standard six key Braille keyboard for writing ASCII Braille.

It uses your computer keys; S, D, F, J, K and L in a layout much like the perkins Braillers. The key S = dot 3, key D = dot 2 and key F = dot 1. While key J = dot 4, key K = dot 5 and key L = dot 6.

Pressing keys together much like a piano chord will produce each Braille character. For example to get the Braille letter D (dots 1, 2 and 4) press keys F, D and J together.

In addition to these keys, you can use your spacebar, enter and cursor keys as you would normally. You may also use the standard copy and paste of text both in or out of the text box.

For some keyboards, it will not allow you to press all six keys at once and you may not get the Braille character you wanted. To test this try pressing all six keys: (S, D, F, J, K and L), together while you are in the text box, to generate the Braille character [FOR] with all six dots. If you do not get all six dots, you will need to use the special key lock function explained below.

Key Lock

The key lock function allows you to lock the keys while you enter each Braille key in sequence. There are two key lok keys. The first being the Shift key and the other being the Caps Lock key. The Shift will lock the keys while you keep the Shift key pressed. Where as the Caps Lock key, acts as a (on/off) toggle. Allowing you to press it once, enter each Braille key then pressing it again to release the lock and displaying the Braille character.

In addition to this, while the key lock is switched on, pressing the spacebar will generate the Braille character but keep the key lock switched on. The enter key does the same but will also advance you to the next line.

Braille Font

The Braille display is generated using a Braille font. If you do not see Braille characters but instead just regular text, you may need to upgrade your browser. The characters used are standard ASCII characters as defined by the American Braille computer code. So if you are using a refreshable Braille display, you will need to set it to the American Braille computer code.

Mouse Control

The buttons above the text box allow you to enter Braille with your mouse. A single click on any button will generate the Braille character for example clicking button 1 will create the Braille character A. To click more than one button at a time use the key lock function. For example, press and hold the shift key while clicking buttons 1 through 3 and then release the shift key to get the Braille character L.

Each button is highlighted when clicked or is active. For example, while you hold the Shift key down and click buttons 1 through to 6, they each light up until you release the Shift key.

Extended Features

As well as the Braille keys and the key lock, there are also buttons to select a Braille font style, colour and size. You may also toggle a full screen mode.

You can select these options from clicking the buttons or by the keybord controls listed below:

Extended Keybord Controls

Toggle Full Screen

Pressing key P, will toggle the full screen mode or the escape key can also take you out of full screen mode. The button marked with the letter P, is the full screen button. It is also highlighted while in full screen mode.

Braille Font Style

Braille Font Size

Braille Font Colours